Saturday, March 19, 2011

Aviary 2 In Flight!

Aviary 2 is on it's way, and will be arriving in stores any day now! The collection features a combination of some of the most popular designs from the Aviary, Ginseng and Deer Valley lines in three new color palettes; Lilac, Granite and Saffron.

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As soon as our nine-year-old saw the Lilac color palette, she had her heart set on having these prints decorate what will soon be her very own bedroom. To be honest, once I had the fabric in hand, I wanted to redecorate the whole house with these prints because they make me so happy. For me, these prints scream "Spring", and I am so excited for winter to be behind us.

So, while the basement is currently under construction to give us two more bedrooms, a design studio, a family room and a kitchen, I set to work on creating some bedding for Brooke's new room, using The Pendant Quilt pattern (available for download on the side bar) that Joel designed.

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I also created this throw pillow out of the Plum Damask print decorated with a swath of hand-made ribbon roses. Her room is going to be so sophisticated and pretty. I can't wait to see the end result because I have a few more projects planned to finish out the space.

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However, home decorating projects will have to be put on hold for a little while as Joel and I are currently up to our eyeballs with preparations for Quilt Market. Check back soon for a sneak peak of Joel's new "Heirloom" collection, and some of the patterns we will debut in Salt Lake this May. You're going to swoon over these seriously gorgeous prints. I promise.

On Monday evening you can see Joel with the crafting divas, Kris and Kim of DIY Dish for the first episode of season 3.

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A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Brooke's bedroom make over is going to be so pretty! Glad to see that some of my favourite prints will soon be available again - love the colour palettes.

Sherri said...

What a gorgeous room this will be! Can't wait to see the "Heirloom" collection!

Quiltjane said...

I can hardly wait to get some of this fabric. The colour palette choices are fabulous.

A.J. Dub. (Amy) said...

This is gorgeous fabric in some wonderful colors, and I love that pillow.

Abby and Stephanie said...

Awesome...I've always love the bird on the branch print. Great color combinations. Really looking forward to seeing Joel's new Heirloom collection.

Meg said...

I am so, so excited for Aviary 2! And Brooke is one lucky girl--that is going to be a gorgeous bedroom!

Jan said...

I'm looking forward to the release of this great fabric. Thanks for the quilt pattern, too.

jenn b said...

I'm crazy about this new fabric! All three color palettes are beautiful!

Rachaeldaisy said...

I'm loving these new fabrics!! Great to use old favourites in fresh new colours!! And stunning colours they are too!!

Mandy Ford Art & Illustration said...

Gorgeous! That quilt is amazing. The faux bois design gets me every time, especially in green!

Lana said...

Love Aviary 2 especially Lilac!!!!!

Diane A said...

I'm with your daughter and you I love the color palate for Aviary 2. I just watched your husband create the darling bird pin cushin with DIY and now I have learned about you guys and I love what you do! I am a new follower now! The pillow for your daughter's room is beautiful and I know she will love her room when you get finished. Good luck with your show.

kiangel16 said...

I love the 3 color palette in the Aviary 2 collection.

Emily Malsam said...

I absolutely am DYING over the Saffron collection. I cannot wait to get my hands on this! My daughter's room is probably going to get a remake =) You are amazing!!!

Simply Colours said...

Wonderful collection, I love it :-)

Christy said...

Hi Joel and Laurie! Can I first say that I love, love, LOVE this line? I own an online fabric shop, and Joel, your prints are an absolute essential to my business. Your work is fantastic! And you're a fellow BYU grad to boot. What's not to love?

Aviary 2 is currently on the way to my shop (I live about as far away from the warehouse as you can, boo), can't wait. BUT. I just got some awful news. Joel, I'm sure you know, Free Spirit has decided not to sell this line as precuts of any sort. I am beside myself, as those are a large part of my business, and I KNOW they would sell so well on this line. Joel, is there anything you can say or do to change their minds? The quilting world everywhere needs these precuts! :)

Thanks again for all of your hard work!

christy {at} lilybellafabrics {dot) com

Christy said...

Whoops, leaving one more comment so I can sign up for follow-up comments. Sorry!

Maxie said...

I just ordered this line today for my quilt shop in Franklin, NC. I was so happy to see some of the popular designs again!

Erin said...

Love, Love, Love these designs! They're absolutely gorgeous. Your daughter is one lucky lady to have an entire bedroom crafted out of these beauties.
I just had crib bedding made for my unborn son in the Modern Meadown - Cool Stream collection - the colors are perfect!
Photos of the bedding here...

Anonymous said...

What beautiful fabric! I will have to purchase some!! I love your designs!

Side Stitches said...

Ah, I love your prints. I'm stuck on them right now, actually. I just finished a baby quilt in Deer Valley, now I'm onto a lap quilt in Modern Meadow in Sunglow. I also bought it in Berry because I loved it so much. And well, I LOVE your new print too! Funny thing is, I had a long hex quilt almost exactly like this planned for the Modern Meadow in Berry. But I'm a new quilter so I'm thankful for the pattern help. I think you guys are great designers. Love what you do!

Becomingagardener said...

I love the Aviary 2 colors and fabrics. I too love the little birds on the branches. One question if anyone knows is the aqua color in the lilac palette the same as the aqua in the saffron palette? I love purple and orange together and I thought i might mix some of them up, but I wanted to find out if the blues match before I obsess about designing a quilt and then order. thanks!!


Mindy said...

I love the lilac group. Also thinking of making the pendant quilt for my daughters bed. Is there any way you could show a picture of the whole quilt. I would greatly appreciate it. Wanted to make sure I love it before I bite the bullet and order 17 yards of fabric. You guys are amazing.

Tiffany said...

Do you happen to have fabric requirements and perhaps a pattern for a smaller size? If not I can try to figure it out. I LOVE this fabric in all colorways - but since I have to pick one, its lilac all the way :) And your quilt pattern for this line is gorgeous! Ugh... in love.

Tiffany said...

Im also a little confused about the directions for the backing. It says cut 2 35x45 pieces for the back - I don't understand how you put these 2 together to make a 70 x 90 back. you would need 4 35 x 45 pieces, correct? Then side by side they would be a little smaller than 70 x 90 (seam allowances). Am I missing something?

Kamali Masters said...


LT said...

Thank you all for making such a beautiful line. Is there anyway these could come out in Home Decor weight fabrics? That would just be so amazing in my home!

Lindsi said...

Hi - Beautiful fabric. I was curious how did you make those flowers that are on the beautiful pillow???

thimbles bobbins paper and ink said...

I absolutely love the entire collection. So many beautiful fabric designs and little time to do all I'd love to. I did use a bit of my precious "Blooms in Bark" to make a sleeveless top to wear this summer. If you are interested in seeing this fabric used in clothing, I've posted it on my blog:

Jana said...

I really want to use the Granite in my nursery, but can't seem to find it anywhere.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to say that the granite damask was printed crooked (design was 3/4inch off from one edge to the other.) A 4 hour job doing a dust ruffle, pillows, etc. for a nursery turned into 8 hours of frustration trying to keep the design straight and keep it on grain. Also, the bird fabric was of poor quality compared to the others. Even though it looks nice in the end, we are very disappointed for the price/yard.

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