Saturday, July 25, 2009

What took us so long?

Before you begin reading this post, you should know this is not Joel writing; it is Laurie, Joel’s wife. I tell you this, not to disappoint you, I just want you to know who’s “voice” you are reading.

You might wonder why Joel hasn’t had a blog before now. We are tech-savvy individuals, we understand the value a blog can have in promoting a business and we have had really good intentions of starting before now; really we have. We’ve just had a few distractions get in the way of those good intentions.

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We don’t want to make excuses, but the following reasons might explain our delayed entry into the “blogosphere”:

1) We moved across the country from Florida to Utah six months ago, and it has taken us longer to get settled than we originally thought.

2) We don’t have any other employees; this is truly a two-person operation, so there are too many other things that demand our attention before blogging.

3) Joel has been busy designing a new line of fabric (due out in the winter) that, in my mind anyway, is his best yet!

4) We have been working on a book that, again, has taken us way longer to finish than we initially thought.

5) We have four children; if that’s not distraction enough…I’m sorry, where was I? One of our children just threw a book into my bowl of cereal and splashed milk all over the desk. I’m not kidding. It’s as though he were saying, “Here mommy. Let me help you authenticate that last statement.”

I have been fascinated with Joel’s design talent ever since we met in college and I witnessed first-hand his success as a graphic design student. From that time almost 13 years ago to now, I’ve been fortunate to have his talent add a rich dimension of creativity to our marriage and family life. Simply put, it’s amazingly cool to be married to him!

I love writing on our personal family blog, so Joel asked me to help him with his professional blog as well. Most of the time I will be the one posting here, but you will occasionally “hear” from Joel as well. He’s got to handle the more important part of actually designing though. I am his sounding board for his creative process.

We are ready to share our creative world with you and give a glimpse into our chaotic but rewarding life as a married couple, parents, designers and crafters. We love all things related to design and creativity and enjoy being able to share this passion together and now with you!

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