Monday, August 29, 2011

Pattern Winners! (and a little bit of progress)

Today is the first day of school for our kids, and I'm just a little bit thrilled by everything I've been able to accomplish today. I mean, I miss the kiddos, but it was time for us all to have a little separation from each other.

As happy as I am to have everyone on a routine once again (and to have some time to think), I am lamenting the end of summer for one reason: I didn't get nearly the amount of creative projects accomplished that I had envisioned. Granted, I had a rather ambitious list that was pretty unrealistic, but I only managed to cross off one big project. I refinished a cabinet for our daughter's bedroom. Seriously, the thing took me all summer! I just couldn't ever seem to find a big chunk of time to work on it.

Here is what it looked like before:

alternative text

And this is what it looks like now:

alternative text

I especially love Joel's Aviary II Damask print in the background and the new knobs from Anthropologie:

alternative text

Maybe one of these days I'll actually have the entire bedroom decorated, but there is still a lot to cross off on my list.

But really, you probably didn't care to read about my lack of summer productivity and were more concerned with finding out if you were chosen as one of the pattern winners, so here is the list of our lucky winners!:

#18 Angela: Vintage Flutter Dress

#25 Monica: Inflight Hobo Bag

#41 Melissa Ann: Meadow Spirit Skirt

#73 The Rx Quilter: Empire Maxi Dress

#110 Dawnica: Junior Meadow Spirit Skirt

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest, and happy sewing to our winners!


Natalie said...

omg...this is an absolutely STUNNING transformation. I wish I could refinish my kitchen cabinets like this...

Dawnica said...

Thank You for the awesome pattern. I can't wait. Love your newly painted cabinet.

Alisa said...

I love the redo! Very, very nice.

Marie said... the redo! That aviary print is just perfect for the cabinet. What color did you paint the cabinet? I love that it's a color, but subtle.

Angela said...

thank you so much! I'm super excited to try out the dress pattern.

And of course a beautiful cabinet redo!

sbmeeks said...

I am in LOVE with that cabinet! Great refinish!

Calico Child said...

ooh what a gorgeous cabinet & the colour is fab love it LOVE IT!! :)

Mother Dragon said...

I was scrolling down and said to myself, why would you want to do anything to that cabinet! It's gorgeous! Then I scrolled down a bit more and WOW! I love love love what you did to it! Stunning and inspiring! I have a couple of old dressing tables that I would love to paint that colour and put fabric on as well.

Gingercake said...

beautiful job! I love the color and you are right- the aviary damask is what really makes the piece special. She is a lucky girl to have that in her room.

Kellie said...

oh my goodness I love this. So wish I could do decoupage. But I am horrible at it. Oh just wanted you to know I ordered all of your patterns and they are fabulous! Thanks for making some awesome patterns.

Rachel Hauser said...

Wow, what a makeover. That is incredible! The nobs are a beautiful touch, but the fabric surely steals the show.

Keiko said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keiko said...

Thank you so much for posting a beautiful photo of a cabinet. What an amazing job! I love the color and especially the Aviary II Damask print in the background. All of your fabrics are just gorgeous, I could staring at them all day long and
your fabrics make me happy :)
Do you have a plan to open a shop??

amylouwho said...

amazing transformation on the cabinet!! Would you share the paint color you used? And I think damask is always the perfect choice. :)

Debera Franklin - PhD by Publication said...

I would love to see more posts about some more recent projects. The cabinet does look much improved. I love the new color. The Joel's Aviary II Damask print looks quite good and goes with the cabinet quite well. Thank you for including a close up photo of the knobs.

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